Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Colima Bay Cafe

Context and Precedence

Manzanillo is the busiest port in Mexico, as measured by total tonnage and volume of containerized cargo. In 2007, the port moved 1.4 million TEU's and 18.0 million tons of total cargo. Ferromex rail lines connect the port with the rest of Mexico. 

Manzanillo is  home to Fuerza Naval del Pacífico (Mexican Navy's Pacific Fleet). Manzanillo also hosts the most efficient port for tuna landings in Mexico. It handles exports like fish, corn, copra, wine, lemons, bananas, canned foods, lumber, and minerals.

Despite the city's bucolic existence, it's a huge port city and thus it's a hub of the narcotics trade. Everyone who is anyone in the Mexican narco world has their representatives present and active. 
Colima Bay Cafe

The Colima Bay Cafe - Manzanillo
Tourist Information: This was once part of the Carlos and Charlie's it is still owned and operated by the original manger and owner. The food is very good Mexican style and the service is professional. A fun place and late at night the DJ cranks up the volume so if you want to go for conversation go early or even better go for lunch. This place is right on the beach and cooled by ocean breezes a perfect place for a great lunch.
I don't know which son, but one of Chapo Guzman's sons has been frequenting the Colima Bay Cafe, Blvd Costero Miguel De La Madrid 921 28218 Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. He is there at least four times per week. The boy runs the Sinaloa Federation - Chapo Faction's interests in Manzanillo and has been under surveillance by Los Caballeros Templario (LCT). The son drives a new model black Chevrolet Silverado pick-up and always has one bodyguard with him in the truck. He is accompanied by two Chevrolet Suburbans with four to five bodyguards in each vehicle.

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