Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Arellano Felix Organization's New Paradigm

The Arellano Felix Organization (based in Baja California Norte and headquartered alternately in Tijuana and Ensenada) is now actively working with the Sinaloa Federation to move cocaine across the US Border. Despite my own reporting to you to the contrary, they are currently moving cocaine through the US Ports of Entry by automobile in large volumes. Times change and they are stocking up on cocaine on the US side of the border to satisfy their customer's needs during the Holiday Season, when they typically shut down operations.

This new found rapprochement between the AFO and the Sinaloa Federation has been building steadily as an arrangement of convenience. Oscar Andres Rodriguez Gurrero has been one of the linch pins on the AFO side of the equation who keeps the love flowing to the Sinaloa Federation, senior member of the partnership.

Many high level meetings have been taking place at ------- Restaurant, Tijuana, BC (an AFO hang-out) where it's not usual to see Fernando Sanchez Arellano, Oscar Rodriguez, Julio Cesar Heredia Magana and others having dinner and discussing the day's events with one of Chapo Guzman's sons. Maybe somebody should tell DEA.

Julio Cesar Heredia Magana (El Malchor), is part of Armando Villareal Heredia (El Gordo)'s family. El Gordo began working for AFO in the mid 1990's and moved large quantities of product from Sinaloa to Los Angeles through Tijuana until his arrest in Hermosillo in 2009. A lot of El Gordo relatives are still associated with the AFO. It's a legacy thing.

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