Saturday, November 24, 2012

Illegal Alien Bodycount

Jose Luc Ramirez Jaramillo  (DOB: January 6, 1963 - California ID Card #C0803985) was detained by the San Luis Rey de Colorado, Mexico, police department. Ramirez is an alien smuggler and remains very active in the Yuma area, smuggling Mexican nationals across the US Mexican Border through the Indian/Native American/Mestizo reservation. 

According to the San Luis Colorado Police Department, Ramirez is known for abandoning his smuggled humans in the desert without water. If anyone in the US was to ask, the police believe that he's responsible for at least one death, and likely many more because of this practice. Since his activities violate no Mexican law, he's beyond their reach. They detained him a couple of weeks ago on investigation of murder due to his smuggling practices but weren't able to pursue it and released him.

These border deaths are from back in 2006 when the economy in the US boomed and more people were crossing to find work. Today USGOV seems happy because the border death body count is down. However, there are simply fewer people crossing, so proportionately fewer people die.
72 bodies were found in the eastern Mexican state of Tamaulipas near the U.S. border, south of Brownsville, Texas. 58 men and 14 women from Central and South America were found by Mexican marines, who have been left searching for a cause of the murders. Mexican authorities are confident that the perpetrators were members or former members of the drug cartels. SOURCE :

official figures show that every year 200 Central Americans are murdered or die in Mexico while attempting to reach the United States, but unofficial data highlighted in the last five years and as part of drug raid in the kidnapping of migrants, this figure could exceed 400 deaths. SOURCE:
Make of all of this what you will.

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