Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Other Side of Alien Smuggling

There has been an uncanny proliferation of Chinese buffet style eateries opening all around the United States. Curiously well over 90% are managed and staffed by people from the greater Fuzhou area of Fujian Province. 60+% of the Chinese in China town, NYC are from that area. Almost every municipality of any size, anywhere in the country has one or several of them. Ocala, FL has 6 or 7, and maybe more counting carry outs.

Curiouser still is the fact that they all speak Northern Min Dialect which is not mutually intelligible with any other Chinese Dialect. N. Min isn't known or spoken by any non Chinese on the planet, not even any missionaries, as far as I've been able to discern -- ergo, keeping tabs on them via electronic surveillance won't work.

Alien smuggling of Chinese takes place across the US/Mexico Border. In Mexico, they burrow into the La Chinescas (Chinatowns in Mexican Cities) until it's safe to cross. They use better and generally more sophisticated methods than their Latin hosts do and their numbers are swelling inside of the US. 
  • Some may be well trained espionage agents -- very capable of carrying out industrial, economic spying. 
  • There are so many of these people, and I've met some who are obviously triad or Chinese Mafia members, that I suspect there is a good percentage of these people who are involved in organized crime. The 'Snake Heads' operate human smuggling networks -- They are triad-crime syndicate connected and it has always been a tactic of Chinese government has long to use criminal elements to achieve certain nefarious goals.
The Federal Bureau of Investigation - Foreign Counter Intelligence people don't care. And many FBI Special Agents order food from the very restaurants where these Fujian people work - oblivious that the majority are de-facto slaves/indentured servants. How do I know? I've been with them when they did and they didn't know. Yes, I shared but -- the FBI doesn't care because it's not paid to care about this problem. And if they don't care, in the parlance of the FBI, it's not a problem. The only reason that I single out the FBI is because they are boastful about how well they do and the truth is that they're every bit as ignorant about this problem as everyone else is.

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) cares to the extent that they are able. However, with tons of drugs smuggled successfully through US ports of entry  every day, the emerging automatic weapons trade from Mexico to the US, and the mundane business of collecting customs duties, a few thousand Chinese here and there don't raise much of a blip on the scope. And if they're captured, nobody can interrogate them anyway because CBP doesn't have Fjuianese linguists.

One of the foremost experts in this field is Dr. Sheldon Zhang, San Diego State University (San Diego, CA). Dr. Zhang also sits on the board of directors of the eminent Center for Asian Crime Studies, Bethesda, Maryland, Chaired by M. Cordell Hart.

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