Monday, January 14, 2013

Canadian-NY-Sinaloa Connection

Amilia Racine - Mob girlfriend
or a madona in need of a
manager now? You decide.

The City of New York is reeling with concern over who will supply their marijuana needs now that Canadian Citizen Jimmy Cournoyer (33) is in custody and headed for a long stay in the US. Not really. He's been in custody for almost a year. The trial is spinning up so USGOV is spitting out a few details of the case that the defense vigorously denies.

A friend wanted me to provide some after-the-fact coverage of this on the blog that you're reading. For more, go to

Cournoyer was a major player in West Coast Canadian hydroponic marijuana (BC Bud). He spent his money like a drunken French Canadian, on pretty women such as model/actress/companion, Amilia Racine (left); on fast cars; on yachts and on jet aircraft. He partied big with Hollywood royalty like Leonardo DiCaprio.

Amilia Racine - They never
used to make Canadians
like this. Just saying...
The US Attorney's Office believes that he trafficked about $1 billion (retail value) in BC Bud.

Amilia Racine may not be as innocent as she appears in the photographs here on this blog. Her brother, Mario, was second in command to Cournoyer according to government documents now made public.

Cournoyer supplied John Venizelos (LCN - Bonanno crime family) with marijuana products that he distributed to the needy New York City market. John Venizelos contends that he is not a drug dealer. He manages night clubs in New York City and a strip club (Crazy Horse Too) in Las Vegas, NV.

Amilia Racine - innocent victim?
The Hells Angels moved the marijuana from British Colombia to Eastern Canada and from there into New York State. Cournoyer, ever the entrepreneur, also used marijuana profits to purchase cocaine (for distribution in New York) from the Sinaloa Federation (Mexican drug cartel). Then again, it might just be a bad misunderstanding. Cournoyer and friends (including the lovely Amilia) may be innocent of the charges laid against them.
Jimmy Cournoyer’s lawyer, Gerald McMahon, promises a vigorous court battle. Venizelos’ lawyer, John Meringolo insisted that $100,000-plus found in his house by DEA agents isn’t drug cash. (
Since the embarrassment suffered by Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo), who'd allegedly been supplying Cournoyer from his Canadian cocaine supply, he's vetting his suppliers more carefully. If you're driving around in a Bugati Veyron, Chapo will have his competitors sell to you...

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