Monday, December 17, 2012

Narco Holiday Update

There is a lot of uncertainty among narcos in Mexico these days. None of them are concerned about the "fiscal cliff" looming in the economic environment with their neighbor to the north because it's simply political chicanery and Mexicans are well schooled in such government gambits. They are concerned about the selling environment and their own government's stance toward trafficking through Mexico into the US.

MEXGOV Snubbs Narcos

Since the Pena Nieto Administration took office on December 1, its key people are not taking meetings with mid to higher level traffickers, precursor dealers, and manufacturers (lab owners). That's not to say that the very highest narcos are lacking access. The crisis has come with those below the top tier. They've been snubbed. And it's making this narco holiday season a lot less cheery than it usually is.

O Canada

In most years, traffickers/distributors leave the US and return home to Mexico to spend their fiesta time with their families. Not so much this year. There are the meth labs in Canada and the new Canadian Cartel types are sticking with business - and shipping crystal meth south despite the holiday season. They've decided to be industrious right up to the period between Christmas and New Year's Day this year. 

The Canadians (RCMP pictured right) seem to be behind the curve in investigating and raiding clandestine laboratories that the Mexican drug cartels (primarily the Sinaloa Federation) have established on Canadian soil. Chapo Guzman (Joaquin Guzman Loera) has visited Canada at least three times this year.

Plastic Surgery - Surging

The uber low key Juan José Esparragoza Moreno (El Azul) has a 'new face' now as does Chapo Guzman. They used the same Brazilian surgeon and they do appear different than the photos that course through the internet. El Azul has been hanging out in Colima, reorganizing the Sinaloa Federation there. Cartel Colima Nueva Generacion (El Mencho) would seem to be out and Chapo's faction is in. SEDENA has stopped the car with El Azul in it and he hasn't been recognized, so one must suspect that the surgeon did a very good job. El Azul also has 'new finger prints'. That surgery must have been unpleasant but it would seem that it has paid off.

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