Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Holiday Gift from ICE to Mexico!

People in Mexico always tell me, "Juan, ICE is out to get us." I calmly explain to Mexican nationals that nothing could be further from the truth. The US Government desperately wants more Mexicans to move to the United States because everyone who crosses the border can vote for the Democratic Party Candidate of their choice. Citizenship can be a sticky matter, but you don't have to provide proof of citizenship to vote in the US, unlike Mexico where everyone is issued a national identification card, also referred to as a "voting card".
Background: The old Mexican voter ID cards have a photo, signature, and one fingerprint (ink). The new ID cards which began to be issued in 2009 have multiple fingerprints, face photo and iris scans. The information will be stored on a magnetic strip. The old voter ID cards will still be accepted until they are replaced with the new biometrics-based cards.
Additional Commentary: The number of people receiving SNAP (Food Stamps) benefits in the USA is at a record high, reaching $46.6 million as of December 2012, according to the USDA. Many of those people are poor Mexican citizens who have fled poverty in Mexico and have found a bright, new, prosperous existence in the USA without needing to lift a finger to earn it. Those people thank those who read this blog.
President Obama's illegal alien amnesty-by-fiat strategy has been working. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Chief John Morton is doing his part to make it more difficult for local police to detain illegal alien criminal suspects through the 287(g) deportation program. 
The directive (below) states that “three or more convictions for minor traffic misdemeanors or other relatively minor misdemeanors alone should not trigger a detainer unless the convictions reflect a clear and continuing danger to others or disregard for the law.” 
The guidance is a left handed bit of guidance to State and Local Police Officers - don't bother issuing a detainer on illegal aliens detained for crimes in the US -- because the Federal Government won't uphold them.

There is a heavy political cost associated with removing high propensity Democratic Party voters from the country where they can cast their vote irrespective of their status in the country. (What a country!)

What can I say but, VIVA OBAMA!

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