Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Lack of Harmony in the Sinaloa Federation

José Manuel Torres Félix is now communicating from hell - so says the narco mata (left) announcing a message from the late El Ondeado (also known as M-1), who was killed on October 13th.  Narco matas are a common sight, hanging from freeway and highway overpasses in mexico. They are anonymous messages to the public that the Mexican press might have not carried. Call if a blog, if you will.

José Manuel Torres Félix ran a cell that dealt primarily with Plaza Management, which means that he handled everything from money movement and narcotics movement to turf control. Sometimes there was a little money laundering as well. While alive, he was more or less on a par with Gonzalo Inzunza Inzunza (El Macho Prieto) in terms of ranking. 

His former subordinates, Mario Aguirre and Lamberto Verdugo feel that the big boss, Joaquin Guzman Loera (El Chapo) and the #2 man, Ismael Zambada Garcia (El Mayo) gave Torres up to the Mexican government. That is precisely what they did and the messages hanging from the overpasses in Sinaloa and Jalisco are accurate.

But what else is new. MEXGOV needs victories in the endless war on drugs and El Chapo thins the ranks of the bold, cocky and insubordinate this way with a double win. The subordinate is killed or captured (life in prison) and out of El Chapo's hair and it makes for gruesome but flamboyant headlines as MEXGOV remains on the road to victory.

http://youtu.be/7x93aqiZ51w       (Sanguinarios del M1)

Maybe it was the song? Chapo prefers that the people in Sinaloa sing songs about HIM, not his lieutenants. Maybe the song went to Torres' head? Who knows?

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