Friday, March 22, 2013

Easter Break in Cancun

Over 45,000 young people will visit Cancun this year over Spring/Easter Break. But is it safe? It should be because firearms laws in Mexico are very strict... 

Narcotics in Cancun are distributed by cab drivers who weave and speed through the streets of the seaside resort. Sometimes the cab drivers keep the drugs or the money and have to be dealt with. Two narcos killed 7 narcotics distributors last week at the Mermaid Bar in Cancun. Four additional people were injured.

Usually American and Canadian parents simply worry about their children
coming home with a social disease or pregnant from Spring Break in Cancun. 
Key narcotics kingpins have ownership interests in Cancun - almost all of them do. Therefore one would think that they'd put a lid on the violence. They try. They really do. But that doesn't always translate into safe streets. Acapulco, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta have been prone to beheadings and gun battles in the streets and those socially unacceptable things led to parents feeling that their children could go to Cancun instead where you don't see narcomatas hanging from pedestrian overpasses. 

SEMAR has stepped up patrols to make partying young people feel safe. But it doesn't matter to the narcos. (LINK)

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